Star of Bombay

In Praise of Slowness

Here comes the Star of Bombay, backward, as a praise of time dilation, of ‘slow drinking’. The super premium version of the famous Bombay Sapphire gin, created by the Master of Botanicals Ivano Tonutti, crystallizes the Art of Slow. This October the triangular collaboration “Beauty of Time” between the chef David Toutain (Paris 7th arrondissement), the remarkable mixologist Danilo Grenci (behind the bar at the BlueBird), and the artist Philippe-H. Claudel cast a new light on this exceptional product.

Masterpieces demand patience. Consisting of twelve plants and spices (the “botanicals”) which are harvested by hand, the exclusive manufacturing process of the Star of Bombay leans on three elements: time, method and water. The grain alcohol goes through three distillations to reach its impeccable purity. The signature “botanicals”, are placed in baskets above the alembics, for vapor infusion. From this true homage to patience arises an exceptionally complex assemblage: a very fresh nose with a pine aroma from the juniper berries, then the citrus and herbal notes and to finish the intensity and roundness of the ambrette seed, hints of almond and licorice to finish. A perfect multi-faceted gin for food-pairing.

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