Villa Vallombrosa

Villa Vallombrosa is a finest vineyard in Provence dating back to the Roman times as evidenced by the artefacts found in the grounds of the vineyard, which can be traced back to Rome circa AD 160 to 180.

This vineyard has kept, through the passage of time, the authenticity and expression typical of its terroir, recognizing the virtues of the limestone from the Trias age together with the influences of the red soil from the Permian age.

The alliance between the two different soils allows the production of good wines thanks to the soil from the Permian age bringing richness and structure. Moreover, the Shistes of the Massif des Maures adds a lovely minerality which is both refreshing and neat.

The vineyard is situated between 180 and 200 meters above the sea level and is 15 km from the Mediterranean and therefore benefits from both fresher nights and hot days guaranteing the excellent quality of the wine.

The expertise of Villa Vallombrosa starts with the grape harvest when the grapes are carefully picked once they have reached perfect maturity, parcel by parcel in order to achieve an ideal blending of the grapes for the surprising “Blanc de Blancs 2013”. This vintage is composed of Rolle (60%) and of Ugni blanc (40%). After a complex and delicate nose between pear and peach, we appreciate an ample end of mouth on apricot. We highly recommend this different and original white wine.

Villa Vallombrosa
RD 97
Chemin du Cresson
83790 Pignans

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