This quiet and untamable Sétois performs since 2000 his tighrope walk on the sea of the Bassin de Thau, in a place called Saint-Félix. Pascal Migliore is a dreamy oyster farmer harvesting unusual species. He comes from a lineage of fishermen from Mers el-Kebir and raises his ‘Haute-Cuisine’ oysters as a sybarite - an organic Languedoc wine lover.

The ‘Migliore Oyster’, which inherited Bouzigues’s ancestral culinary knowledge, is different by the tension of its salinity and its radical balance. Like a swan it unfolds its dignified spirally length on the palate. Add dash of pepper and chew it well, look at the sky again, then close your eyes.

Huitres Migliore
Port saint félix
34140 Loupian

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