Confiture Parisienne

Savoring the Jam

There are two evil pleasures in the world of sweet construction in a jar: the jam for spreading and the one for savoring. The “Confiture Parisienne”, the Parisian Jam, circa 2015, a company in and of its time, belongs to the latter. Right next to Paris in Savigny sur Orge, in the brand’s labs, the Confiture is prepared and formulated by hand: rare fruits, in season, with unrefined cane sugar and of course no chemicals.

The jam is cooked in small batches, in copper cauldrons, with a precisely controlled temperature, to preserve the true aromas and make it smooth. Once all of this is done, a few happy hands pour it with a ladle into white enamel pots, preventing light from passing through. The original recipes that built the reputation of the “Confiture Parisienne”  are the result of a dialog among chefs, a clever balance between fruits and spices.

In this remarkably wide range of choices, we picked a few favorites.

From the collection “l’Originale”, the “Chestnut, Pear and Tonka Bean” reveals a surprising texture with small chunks of chestnuts which went through the coarsest plate of the food mill, a pear compote to cool the palate, and a finale on the Tonka bean to wake you up. The surprising “Orange, Grapefruit, Clementine, Kumquat” shall be compared to a gingerbread persisting in your mouth. The "Millésime Rosé with Champagne Rosé” enhances the elixir from Reims, with a hint of vanilla. The “Puits d’Amour”, an original recipe from Louis XV’s pastry chef, is a love testimony from the king to Antoinette Poisson, also known as the Pompadour. We are diving into a currant and raspberry dream, coated with violet. 

The jams from the “Confiture Parisienne” stand out for their texture, somewhere between a jelly, a marmalade and a compote. Moreover, chefs, pastry chefs, restaurants, can use them ways beyond the slice of bread or the “savoring”, into their own culinary landscapes.

Confiture parisienne
17 Avenue Daumesnil
75012 Paris

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