This creative fish tavern has rightfully gathered rave reviews as one of the best in Athens, with its irreproachable freshness and moderate prices, and it offers unique flavors and inventive seasonings based on traditional Greek recipes. The dynamic service and the friendly chef-owner also explain the great turnout, in this typically ramshackle tavern setting. Their knowledge of sea food is noticeable in the way they surgically cut the raw marinated fish, and the pinpoint precision of their cooking. The 2016 Domaine Sclavos Robola of Cephalonia, a cuvée called Vino di Sasso (named literally “wine of rocks” by the Venetians in the Middle Ages) opens the palate, as an aperitif and along with the meal. The nose is citrusy, flowery and smoky, and evolves to mentholated herbs, cooked apples and almonds, with a hint of oxidation. In the mouth, the substance is structured on pear and apple aromas, with an endless lemony saline finish.

The reddish raw wild oysters from Kalymnos (an island known for sponge diving and small fishermen), accompanied by fresh sea urchin strips in a vodka glass, are enlivened with Sichuan pepper. The seabream Carpaccio with bergamot surprises with its vividness of flavor. The Nostos, of Roussanne variety from Crete, suddenly expands time with its apricot jam, honey and hazelnut notes and a great mineral character. To follow, two excellent and unique dishes: Smoked eel with eggplant and Trachanas (Semolina pellets often made with goats milk) with saffron and dried, smoked snapper eggs. The sea urchin spaghetti was generously flavored with fresh urchin strips, succulent, al dente, perfect.

Dessert on the house: chunks of pumpkin preserve with Greek yoghurt, a caressing delicacy – in one of the most charming fish taverns of Athens.

Agisilaou 49
17675 Athens

+30 217 717 3200

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