• Dourambeis

    Since 1932, this marine tavern – an institution for fish and shellfish, has delighted the regulars with the excellence of its seafood, its peacefulness along the waterfront and its conscientious old-fashioned service...
  • Athens for Stoics, and Everyone

    Expectations are the crux of a happy life, as Marcus Aurelius and the rest of the Stoics argue. Wake up every morning and reflect on the bad things that are likely coming your way. Screw down your expectations, and your chances of avoiding disappointment go up. Be reasonable.
  • Argoura

    This creative fish tavern has rightfully gathered rave reviews as one of the best in Athens, with its irreproachable freshness and moderate prices, and it offers unique flavors and inventive seasonings based on traditional Greek recipes.
  • Mikres Kyklades

    In a paper titled “Feasting in the Homeric Epic,” the English scholar Susan Sherratt points out that feasting is the single most frequent activity in the Odyssey, and also, apart from fighting, in the Iliad. “It is clearly not only an activity of Homeric heroes but also one that helps demonstrate that they are indeed heroes.”
  • Spondi

    The name, from ancient Greek, means “libations.” Established 1996, in a beautiful neoclassic mansion, it was the first restaurant in Greece to receive 2 Michelin stars...
  • Hytra

    On the top floor and roof terrace of this graceful, hyper modern white marble and glass edifice, is the restaurant “Hytra,” taking its name from a clay cooking-vessel used in ancient Greece. This may strike one as a total associative clash, but somehow miraculously, over a 14-course meal, it reveals itself as a perfect match.

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