Anne-Sophie PIC, Le Restaurant

3 stars

The Revelation

Ever since man began playing at being a sapiens – ever since he has known how to taste things, major chefs have shaped a quasi-entirely masculine iteration. The irony is, through their own particular family histories, they’ve all eventually learned their high taste gastronomy thanks to their mothers, often their grandmothers. And suddenly is emerging a generation of female chefs at the cooking range. They are completely changing the culinary grammar and are introducing new keys into the gastronomic syntax. They are shaking up their father’s classics.

Their biggest victory is the victory of memory, their best guide the quintessence of taste. Because “high gastronomy is a Revelation, a destiny, neither by duty nor by comfort or lack of skills. A Revelation about revealing yourself to yourself”. To my last question, Anne Sophie Pic replies with her distinctive charm: “Did I fail in life? I never ask myself the question.”

Anne-sophie PIC - Le Restaurant
285, avenue Victor-Hugo
26000 Valence

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