Alain PASSARD started his career at the « Duc d’Enghien » at the Casino of Enghien. He obtained one Michelin star, then a second. It was at this address that he perfected his carpaccio of langoustines with caviar. And another one of his recipes that he still serves to this day: A Chaud-froid of egg with chives. He then received two stars at the Carlton in Brussels, Belgium.

1986, Opening of Arpège restaurant. One star in 1987. The second in 1988. 19/20 in the Gault Millau Guide in 1990. A third star in 1996, only ten years after the opening of the restaurant.

1997-2000 MEATS: «I like the visual and acoustic feel of cooking on the flame. This type of cooking requires numerous hours of attention to cook pieces that the chefs and I observe, turn over, feel and listen to…The meat is cooked through yet keeps its tenderness.

2001-2016 VEGETABLES: Vegetables have been the centrepieces at the Arpège since 2001. In 2002, the first vegetable garden was put together in Fillé sur Sarthe. In 2008, the second vegetable garden was set up in Buis-sur-Damville. Then shortly after, Alain Passard patented the “Bouquet de roses” apple tart, a tart that honours both the flower and the fruit.

Half a century of history, 30 years of Arpege and 20 years of 3 stars this year !

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