Guy Savoy was born July 24th 1953 in Nevers, in France’s Burgundy region. Two years later, his parents decided to move to Bourgoin-Jallieu, a small town south of Lyon and the home of a famous rugby team, a sport he is passionate about. His father worked as a landscaper for the city and his mother had the concession stand by the French boules rink. Without Professional training, she transformed the concession stand into a successful restaurant where Guy Savoy’s passion for good food was born and, from then on, never ceased to grow.

On a day he didn’t have school, he helped his mother prepare “cat’s tongue” cookies. Mixing eggs, flower, butter and salt! Salt to make a sweet! And the sight of the dough rising in the oven, the smell, the crunch! He was blown away by the magic of transformation. In adolescence, he apprenticed at the local pastry and chocolates-maker Louis Marchand. Then, eked on by his instructor, he moved away from the family by some 100 kilometers to Roanne and the 3-star institution of the brothers Troisgros, where he apprenticed with his friend Bernard Loiseau and discovered the world of high gastronomy.

Then his career took off: 1973 he moved to Paris to broaden his horizons at the very fashionable 3-star Laserre by René Lassere. He then left for Switzerland, to the Lion d'Or in Cologny on the hills above Geneva, and finally he moved south to the Côte d’Azur, where, at La Napoule, he familiarized himself with the Nouvelle Cuisine of Louis Outhier at the 3-star L’Oasis. In 1977, Claude Verger gave him his first position as Chef at his restaurant La Barrière de Clichy on the edge of Paris.

27 years old in 1980, he decided to strike out on his own and opened his first restaurant, Guy Savoy, in the traditionally upscale 16th quarter. Success was immediate: A year after opening he received his first star in the Michelin guide, and four years later his second. The restaurant quickly became too small, and in 1987 he moved it to 18 rue Troyon, closer to the Champs Élysées. There, he remained for 28 years, and obtained a 3-star rating in 2002.

Always attuned to a changing world, Guy Savoy introduced a new concept, the Bistrots de Chefs. In Paris, he lined up successful openings in different parts of the city: L'Atelier de Maître Albert, les Bouquinistes, le Chiberta. And in 2006, he began his American adventure with Guy Savoy at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

Finally, in 2015, he moved his fabled 3-star on the rue Troyon to the Monnaie de Paris, the old mint on the banks of the Seine across from the Pont Neuf. There, as ever, and to the good fortune of every gourmet, he gives free reign to his culinary philosophy: “Cooking is the art of transforming, in real time, products that are charged with history into joy.” His establishment was named, for the second time in a row, best restaurant in the world in the culinary ranking of La Liste.

Guy Savoy is a Knight of the Legion of Honor.

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