Alain Pégouret was born on August 28, 1966 in Cannes and was from a young age bathed in gastronomy. In 1984, he left high school to get his BEP of cooking in Cannes and began his career in 1989 with Joel Rebuchon. In 1992, he joined Christian Constant's brigade at Crillon. In 1997, he have offered to become the chef de cuisine of the Violon d'Ingres. He will become the right arm of Christian Constant.

He then left to fend for himself and in February 2001, he succeeded Philippe Braun at the head of the kitchens of the restaurant "Le Laurent" which he is still the chef.

He says in 2013: "This job is a priesthood, my whole life has been grafted on the exigency and the intensity that my profession imposes" and considers Christian Constant and Joel Rebuchon as his two mentors.

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