Christian LE SQUER

The V


More than a legendary place: a haven for legends, masterfully run by the most discreet of our triple-starred chefs, Christian Le Squer. This noble Breton went from his Étel River to the double stacked macarons of the Opéra, with a smile full of happiness, admiring nothing more than the panache of a crustacean and the carnal elegance of a tweed Chanel suit.

You can smell the spices embedded in Le Squer’s brain. Caraway, cumin and a thousand flavors etched by indulgence haunt his olfactory memory. You couldn’t imagine the amount of work you’re eating. From haute-couture to polished purity, in this hectic world, the eel seems simple but is robust, with a long finish. No need for the frothy fireworks. A beautiful moment.

The George V gives you new life goals, majestic nights and occasions, all impressively simple in their complexity. Like a woman’s dream of wearing, one day, a Chanel suit.

Distracted, omnipresent, Christian Le Squer lives in the whirlwind of a cloud. Remembering the feeling. The feeling of a dish.





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